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Select the right pricing plan for your company based on your needs


299 EUR

Billed per user per month
Shared tenant (located in the EU)
Access to one Fits Traffic module​
Up to 10 devices (integrated device modules*)​
Storage – 1 month
Without AI/ML module​


799 EUR

Billed per user per month
Shared tenant (any MS Azure server WW)
Access to one Fits Traffic module​
Up to 50 devices (integrated device modules*)​
Storage – 3 months
Standard AI/ML module
External API (DATEXII standard)​


Your organisation's needs are custom-tailored
Isolated tenant or on-prem solution​
Access to all Fits Traffic modules​
Unlimited amount of devices​
Storage – defined by the client​
Platinum AI/ML module with updates at least once per 6 month​
External API (DATEXII standard)​
Premium Support with Engineering and ML team experts​
White labelling​

Questions & Answers

Fits. makes it easy to connect and combine data from hundreds of different traffic sensors and sensor vendors – from speed enforcement, weather stations, CCTV cameras, traffic counters, traffic lights, variable message signs and more. Explore common sensor vendors and sensor type options for Fits.

There are many pricing plans because Fits Traffic is available as a range of options to suit your needs, from Fits Traffic. Basic for individuals and small teams with a limited amount of sensors to Fits Traffic. Enterprise, and as a SaaS or client-managed solution. Get Fits Traffic pricing details.

Yes, Fits. has AI technology built at the foundation level. Users can benefit from different AI technology capabilities starting with Fits. Standard offering; the Enterprise level offers also support plans for regular customer specific improvements of recognition engines.

Yes. Fits. Enterprise can be deployed as a SaaS, cloud and/or on-premises solution. You can enjoy the convenience of a SaaS solution by letting our engineers manage the infrastructure, or deploy the data yourself – on-premises, in any cloud, or both.

At the Enterprise level it is possible to use all 4 modules in one combined solution. With the Basic and Standard offering you need to choose one of the modules, where #Fits.Hub is for sensor monitoring and management, data collection and gathering in one storage or distribution through DATEXII format (typical users are traffic management centres within cities, regions or at the national level).
#Fits.Safety is for traffic safety purposes – different enforcement applications, traffic safety analytics (typical users are traffic safety authorities, city or regional level police).
#Fits.Toll is for road user charging and low emission zones (typical users are the national road operator, concessionaires, city or regional administration).
#Fits.Vision is for different computer vision applications running centrally in back-end or at the edge of the device. Typical use cases are vehicle detection, tracking, number plate localisation and recognition, country issuer recognition, vehicle type recognition.

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