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Rails of Tomorrow: Navigating Digital Transformation in European Railway Markets

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Participants in the webinar

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Webinar program

Introduction and Welcome

Piotr Bardadyn
Piotr Bardadyn

Business Development Manager, dots.

Digital transformation – trends and pain points in the European railway sector

Holger Eiletz modified
Holger Eiletz

Managing Partner/CFO, MC Mobility Consultants

Incident Management in the age of digitization

Christian Stimakovits modified
Christian Stimakovits

Domain Sales Manager, Incident & Crisis Management, Frequentis

Building digital platforms for future

BBC Aivaras Liutvinas modified
Aivaras Liutvinas

CEO, Blue Bridge Code

RailsSync: Connecting the Dots for a Smarter Railway Network

Edgars aplis modified
Edgars Starķis

Product lead, Fits Traffic