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Ensuring safer roads for all

Fits Traffic simplifies the processing of data for Traffic Authorities, Law Enforcement, and Traffic Management Centres.
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Created with your organisation's needs in mind

Our platform enables Public Authorities, Cities, Traffic Management Centres, and Toll-road operators to connect different road traffic sensors with ease.
Traffic Police
Toll-road operators and system integrators
Public Authorities
Traffic Management Centres

Unified solution for your transportation needs

Computer Vision

  • Traffic Flow Counting and Classification
  • Intersection Monitoring
  • Vehicle Detection, Tracking on MLFF Tolling Lanes
  • Identification of Suspicious Vehicles
  • Road Surface Quality Monitoring
  • Road Sign Recognition
Night with cars on the street

Traffic Safety and Security​

  • Speed Enforcement
  • WIM Enforcement
  • Suspicious & Stolen Vehicle Monitoring
  • Road Side Parking Enforcement
  • Railway Crossing Enforcement and Incident Analysis
Traffic & Infrastructure

Road Pricing and Tolling​

  • E-vignette Enforcement
  • Electronic Toll Charge Enforcement
  • Low Emission Zone or Congestion Charging Scheme Enforcement
Computer Vision Solution for Transportation whit multiple cars on the road

Traffic and Infrastructure Management​

  • Monitoring of Roadside ITS Equipment and Sensors
  • Management & Automation of Variable Message Signs
  • Traffic Flow Analysis and Traffic Surveys
Traffic & Infrastructure with computer vision

Why choose Fits Traffic?

Cost efficiency and reduced complexity
No need to maintain multiple back-office systems
Speed of deployment
Improved reliability and decreased downtime
Data protection

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