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Der Weg zur Vision Zero im Verkehr

road from drone view

Implementing Vision Zero in traffic Vision Zero is a road safety concept that was originally developed by the Swedish Road Traffic Administration in the mid-1990s, based on principles from occupational safety. The aim of Vision Zero is to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on the roads to a minimum, ultimately to zero. […]

Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung durch Verkehrsmanagement

Nachhaltige Stadtentwicklung durch Verkehrsmanagement

In this article, we address the important issue of sustainable urban development and how effective traffic management can contribute to it. We look at various strategies applied in major cities around the world to improve traffic flow and thus enhance the sustainability of cities. What is the Traffic Situation in Major Cities? The traffic situation […]

10 Vorteile der intelligenten Verkehrsinfrastruktur

Navigating the Future_ The Revolution of Intelligent Traffic Infrastructure

Navigating the Future: The Revolution of Intelligent Traffic Infrastructure Introduction Traffic infrastructure is the backbone of urban transportation, encompassing all the physical and organizational structures, facilities, and systems that facilitate the movement of people and goods in cities. At its core, it includes roads, traffic signals, signage, and public transport networks, all designed to ensure […]